We are Fons&Origo. We believe in the boundless human capability to create. In a world of cold and grey industries and insensible overproduction we adhere to one simple truth: no masterpiece was created twice. Its beauty lies in its uniqueness and its uniqueness ensues from its incompleteness. Such is the nature of craftsmanship.
Working with our bare hands to give birth to an object takes us back to the fons et origo (foundation and origin) of human evolution. This is the most ancient method of production. A method that has outlived any other in the human history. We adopted this “bare-hand” approach inspired by our desire to create products with timeless design achieved through the use of a method that has proven to last.

We, at Fons&Origo, do not regard the creation of an object as a linear process. Continuous exploration of the variety of techniques culminates in a unique final product. The exploration journey begins with an idea, which we further study and develop through series of drawings and prototypes. Only after we have emphasized the virtues and removed the drawbacks, the idea takes form and we start to experiment with materials. Mixing of concrete and plaster with pigments, painting, cutting, breaking, sealing until the perfect combinations are obtained and the products can receive the Fons&Origo seal. Bearing the marks of this long creative journey, the product – a piece of art, love and passion, is finally ready to enter and be part of your world.

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